YES, I want to help make a BIG difference in my community by donating as little as $10 a month!



$10 a month isn't much to most people.  A few cups of coffee, one lunch out a month ... but the power of that $10 together with your neighbors' $10 donations will help to fund a program that is there to provide support and hope to families in our community.  Your donation will simply enable Hope's Community Closet to continue to take care of the struggling families in our community.  Parents and children are thankful and often overwhelmed by the opportunity to come to a boutique style store and select clothes and shoes at no cost for their kids/teens.  We can make a difference TOGETHER!


A recent "Thank You" from a single mom who "shopped" with us:




"I just want to say thank you again. Thank you to you all for your kindness to me, your service, your kindness to my kids and all that you guys encompass. It was the first time I have gone to a place for help, where I didn't feel like I was nothing. My kids have been telling everyone they could how they got to go pick out their own clothes and how they had so much fun and how much they love those clothes. My daughter is still raving abouther scarf and my son told me tonight, "These shoes are SO comfortable." We get a lot of hand me downs of clothes (most don't fit, but the gesture is appreciated) and toys and things like that, but this was the first time they got to feel like THEY got to pick what they got and they are so proud of it. I always feel so guilty telling them no to everything they want, all the time or having to tell them we don't have enough money for the things they want. This was the first time they didn't have to hear those words while shopping and it made me so happy to see their smiling faces. I am so appreciative of the patience and support of everyone and am so grateful for the positive experience for me and especially my kids. . You are all a tremendous blessing."

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